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Dr. Boucek seeks to stay up to date with all the most cutting-edge technologies, and dental services in the industry. He’s always finding new ways to improve existing dental services and add to his already robust variety of dental treatments and patient needs. No need to go to one office for your implants, another for root canals, and a third for routine checkups. We have it all here in one convenient location. As a family dentist for over 30 years, Dr. Boucek offers services for the whole family here at our office in Memphis.

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Dental services in Memphis at Greg Boucek DDS

General Dentistry

If you need standard dentistry procedures, you’ve come to the right place. You can find all of our general dental services below with descriptions of each.

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Cleanings and Prevention

healthy teethRoutine check-ups are recommended every 6 months to keep your smile looking and feeling good. We give your teeth the thorough cleaning they need and check for any cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Tooth Extractions

Whether it’s disease, bacteria, or something else, sometimes it can get bad and a tooth just isn’t worth keeping anymore. In that case, we offer extractions where we can remove the tooth completely. Typically this is in preparation for an implant, or dentures.

Oral Pathology

Every checkup we will perform a cancer screening. We look for abnormalities and dramatic changes in the mouth. If necessary, we’ll take an X-ray to make sure everything looks right.

Root Canals

If you need a root canal, you better find someone who does it right. This procedure is designed to relieve pain and save an abscessed or severely broken down tooth by removing all diseased tissue around it.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are way in the back of the mouth. Often times, they get in the way as your adult teeth grow in, causing pain and discomfort. Extracting your wisdom teeth is the solution.

Cosmetic Dental Services

With our cosmetic dentistry, you can get that perfect smile you deserve to give you the confidence you need. We’ve worked with hundreds of patients on perfecting their smile and would love to do the same for you! See all our cosmetic dental services below.

Learn more about our cosmetic dentistry here


This procedure involves sculpting and reforming a tooth to a more desirable shape. We use a plastic composite material specifically colored to match your teeth so your smile looks better than ever.

Dental Veneers

If your smile isn’t where you want it to be, veneers might be your answer. They are a thin porcelain layer bonded to the face of a tooth to achieve the perfect shape and color that you desire.


Although it varies from case to case, we usually recommend you come in 3 to 5 times over the course of a few months to get the white smile you see on TV. Our proven whitening process uses a hydrogen peroxide bleach, making them look brand new.

Restorative Dentistry

Whether you’ve had an accident, or simply haven’t had the time to take care of your teeth, we can get them back to looking and feeling great with our restorative dental services.

Find out more about our resortative dental services here

Fillingsdentist office

Cavities can happen for a number of reasons. Fillings are the solution. We place a restorative material that is typically tooth-colored, but sometimes silver or gold, in a slightly damaged tooth to bring it back to its original form and function.


If you’re missing teeth, bridges are a great option. We perform a fixed or non-removable procedure to replace your missing teeth by using your existing teeth as an anchor.


If your teeth are worn down, crowns can get them back into good form. Also known as onlays, crowns are a tooth-colored restorative material cemented over severely damaged or broken down teeth, bringing them back into top shape.

Dental Implants

The most robust choice to replace missing teeth, implants are titanium anchors that attach to the jawbone, replacing the root of the missing teeth. Then, we cement a crown on top of the implant for a long-lasting solution.


Another solution for missing teeth, we also offer dentures and partials. These are a removable substitute to replace missing teeth.


This is the latest technique for assisting in gum disease treatment. We use a laser to kill the disease-causing bacteria called periodontal bacteria.

Hygiene/Oral Cancer Screenings

Recommended once every 6 months, a cleaning and oral cancer screening are an integral part of your overall health and general well-being.

Nitrous Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, is used to ease the anxiety during dental procedures. We offer it for any of our procedures although it is not necessary for all of them.

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Orthodontics is all about getting your teeth to be straight and functional. We can help with that at our dental practice.

You can read more about our orthodontic services here.

Braces and Clear Braces

Maybe your teeth are healthy, but they’re not as straight as you like. We can straighten your smile with standard or clear orthodontic braces typically in only six months.


Another option for straightening your teeth, Invisalign offers a solution less noticeable than braces, but still with the same effect.

boy smiling after the dentist

Pediatric Dentistry for Kids

It is incredibly important to maintain healthy teeth and gums from a young age. That is why we offer our dental services for kids! Our office will make sure your kids get all the care and comfort they need.

Learn more about our pediatric dentistry here

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to keep your smile healthy and strong! Whether you are looking for a family dentist, orthodontic services, restorative services or general cleanings for your children, we have what you need right here at our office in East Memphis!