Orthodontist in Memphis

Very few people are born with perfectly straight teeth. You may have healthy teeth, but maybe they’ve grown in a little crooked or slanted. For three decades, Dr. Boucek has been straightening teeth for patients throughout the Memphis area. Orthodontics and braces provide an excellent way to tweak that smile so that you look and feel more confident.

Orthodontist in east Memphis TN

Traditional Braces

Braces are a series of bands and brackets placed on the face of the teeth and connected by a wire to apply pressure on the teeth. Over time, traditional braces are sure to straighten your teeth to give you the straight smile you desire. You’ll often need to wear a retainer after having braces, but every case is different. We’ll be sure to create a special plan to get your teeth where they need to be so you feel happy with your smile.


A relatively new concept in dentistry, Invisalign is a solution to straighten teeth for those who don’t want the look of traditional braces in their smile. Invisalign is a seriesteenager smiling with braces of retainers that serve the same purpose as traditional braces, giving the patient straighter teeth and a more confident smile. This service can have your teeth straight in as little as a few months depending on the case. Come in to our east Memphis office and let us create a custom Invisalign plan to get your teeth looking beautiful.

If you’re looking for braces or dental services for children, we can help with that too. Just enter your information in the contact form and we’ll be in touch.