Periodontal disease can start small, and if detected early, cause minimal damage. However, most people do not seek help during the early onset. With regular oral cancer screenings and checkups with Dr. Greg Boucek, we can detect the disease early and prevent invasive procedures, like extractions and root canals. But if periodontal disease or gingivitis has gotten worse, we can handle that too. Dr. Boucek has been practicing periodontics in Memphis, TN for over 30 years and can help keep your smile healthy, starting today!

Periodontist in Memphis TN

What is Periodontal Disease?

Any disease of the gums, teeth, or general oral cavity is referred to as periodontal disease. It typically occurs due to neglect, or heavy tobacco use. Abnormal bleeding, swelling, or coloration of the teeth and gums are all signs of periodontal disease. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to costly, and invasive procedures down the road, so we recommend periodontal screenings every six months with Dr. Boucek, ensuring you catch and fight this disease early.

Treatments for Periodontal Disease

If you have periodontal disease, we use a number of treatments depending on the severity, and uniqueness of your case. Sometimes, we can use a periodontic laser to kill infected periodonticstissue along with antibiotics to fight the infection. In more severe cases operation may be necessary to remove the infected gums.

This disease can lead to a root canal in an attempt to save a tooth, or an extraction if the tooth is too badly infected to be recovered. Every case is different so make sure you have an experienced dentist before moving forward with sometimes unnecessary, costly procedures. However, as always, regular checkups are the best way to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile.

Don’t wait for pain or discomfort to arise to ensure that your smile stays healthy. If you are looking for help with periodontics or gum disease in Memphis, TN, you have come to the right place. For people happy with the health of their teeth, but looking for a¬†straighter smile, consider our orthodontic treatments. We offer two kinds of braces for kids and adults. Call our office today to schedule a consultation!