Cleanings and Prevention

Cleanings and Prevention is crucial to Healthy Teeth

The best way to keep your smile beautiful and healthy is to fight the cavity and disease causing bacteria before it starts. Come by our East Memphis office for a dental checkup and cleaning today! These regular checkups are usually recommended at least every six months, and help our patients avoid some of the more invasive dental procedures. We will perform a routine thorough cleaning of your teeth and check your teeth and gums for anything out of the ordinary.

cleanings and prevention

Keep Your Smile Healthy

Dr. Boucek and our dental hygienists will clean your teeth and gums front and back, flossing teethside to side. We’ll start by flossing your teeth to remove unwanted food particles. Then we use our state of the art equipment to remove any plaque from the surface of your teeth. Plaque is a natural buildup of food and bacteria that forms on the fronts, backs, and between teeth. Once all plaque is removed, we add a polish to help remove any stains from the surface of the teeth, and give you a beautiful white smile.


After our cleaning, Dr. Boucek or Brawner will stop by to check for any abnormalities in your teeth or gums. Looking for soft spots on the surface of your teeth, cavities, and unusual gum formation will ensure you catch any issues early. Typically patients who regularly come in every six months and live a healthy lifestyle do not see issues, but if something does arise, catching it early is the best way to keep your mouth healthy. If necessary, we may take an x-ray for further examination.

Our staff will do everything they can to make sure your smile stays healthy and beautiful. This regular maintenance for your mouth can help you avoid procedures like tooth extractions. You can do your part by coming in for regular cleanings and preventions. Then we’ll do the rest, ensuring your maximal comfort and satisfaction every step of the way. If you live in Memphis, Germantown, or somewhere else in the 901 area, fill out the contact form, or call us to schedule your appointment today!