Tooth Infection

Tooth Infection Or Gum Disease

Dr. Boucek and our staff have remained among the top dental practices in Memphis with regard to disease prevention and treatment for decades. They know exactly what early signs to look for when dealing with oral pathology, and the best treatments and procedures for each case. They’ll also be happy keep you informed throughout the process if you want to know what is being done, and why.

tooth infection

What is Oral Pathology?

Oral Pathology is the study of any disease in the teeth, gums, or general oral cavity region. These diseases can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or a number of other harmful ways. The best approach to treating diseases of the mouth are preventative, catching the early signals. We recommend regular screenings and examinations.

Treatment Optionstooth infection

Once a disease has taken effect, treatment, and sometimes surgery is necessary. We use periodontics or laser bacteria removal, antibiotics, prescription mouth rinse, and a number of other procedures to help fight the disease. Infections and diseases can sometimes call for root canals, or complete extractions. Of course, after the disease is removed, regular cleanings and preventions are vital for long term health.

You should make sure your dentist has a proven background and experience in oral pathology before choosing one. These diseases can be costly and painful if not caught early. If you feel like there may be something wrong, always best to get it checked out. Call us or fill out the contact form to schedule your appointment with Dr. Boucek and Dr. Brawner so they can make sure you have a healthy smile!