Wisdom Teeth

Memphis Wisdom Teeth Doctor

Almost everyone gets wisdom teeth in their adolescent to young adult years, and sometimes they can overcrowd the mouth and cause discomfort. Greg Boucek DDS and Jim Brawner DDS have been treating and removing wisdom teeth in Memphis for over three decades each. They’ve seen all types of cases so no matter the wisdom teeth issues you may have, they have the technical know how to relieve you of your tooth pain.

wisdom teeth

Pain In The Back Of The Mouth

Wisdom teeth grow all the way in the back of the mouth. They usually grow in for people around the ages of 15 to 25. These teeth sometimes grow in at unusual angles and can overcrowd the mouth causing pain and aching. When this happens, it’s time to get them removed. Some wisdom teeth that need to be removed are impacted, meaning they have not broken through the gum line. Other times the teeth have started to grow in and put pressure on other teeth in the mouth causing the pain. In both cases, we usually recommend wisdom teeth removal if there is any sort of pain as it usually only worsens

Removing The Teeth

When we agree that it’s time for your wisdom teeth to go, we will schedule an wisdom teeth in Memphisappointment convenient for you. A local anesthetic will be applied, ensuring maximum comfort during the procedure. If you choose to receive Nitrous sedation, you’ll want to have someone else drive you. The process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on how impacted the teeth are, and how many are to be removed. Our staff will let you know what to expect so that you can plan accordingly.

While we remove your wisdom teeth, you will not be able to feel anything. If sedated, most patients sleep and do not remember the process.  Dr Boucek or Brawner will extract each wisdom tooth by first removing tissue around it, then use our dental instruments to pull it out gently.

After the Procedure

Expect numbness of the mouth to continue for 2 to 4 hours after the procedure. If you received Nitrous sedation, lightheadedness will be a factor for several hours as well. We will usually write a prescription for antibiotics to prevent infection, and also give you a prescription for painkillers to relieve any postoperative discomfort that can occur. You’ll want to be sure to come in for regular checkups and other general dentistry needs to maintain the health of your smile.

To schedule an appointment to discuss the removal of your wisdom teeth, please contact our office!