Dentures And Partials In Memphis TN

Dentures and partials are a great economical solution to replace missing teeth. People in Memphis have turned to Greg Boucek DDS for dentures and partials for over three decades. We have a comprehensive approach that can give you functional teeth and a new smile in only several short weeks.


Cost Effective, Removable Teeth

If you have a teeth removed due to trauma, disease, or any other reason, dentures and partials provide an economical, removable solution to replace these missing teeth. Dentures, made of an acrylic, plastic material, are a custom made, removable structure that are placed in the mouth to substitute for missing teeth. Partials are similar to dentures, but only replace a few teeth, rather than an entire row.

Your Oral Evaluation

During your first appointment, Dr Boucek or Dr Brawner will perform an evaluation to determine your eligibility for dentures, partials, or other solutions to replace your missing teeth. We will be checking the quality of your existing teeth, gum and bone health, and medical history. An impression will also be taken for this first appointment.

Create Your Custom Beautiful Smile

After your consultation, if we’ve agreed that dentures or partials are the solution to denturesreplace your missing teeth, we will have a try-in appointment 7-10 days later. We will have prepared a wax try-in denture or partial to place in the mouth for your approval. You will be able to check it for comfort and aesthetics, to ensure its the exact smile you want. Once you’re happy with your new smile, we will schedule your next appointment for one to two weeks later.

We will have your new dentures or partials ready when you arrive. They will be made of an acrylic plastic material and colored as white as you want your smile to be. We will place the denture for you and schedule another checkup within a week for adjustments. This is to make sure your new teeth are comfortable and functional. If necessary we can grind down parts of the denture if they are causing irritation or discomfort.

To view all of our options for missing, cracked, or misshaped teeth, see our restorative dentistry page. To schedule an appointment, please call our office or fill out the contact form on this page!