Memphis Dental Implant Restoration

We have provided dental implants to the Memphis area for over 30 years. Implants are an invasive and complex procedure. So, when choosing an implant dentist the patient needs to be very thorough in their decision. Dr. Boucek’s experience in implant dentistry, along with continuing education and cutting edge technology, make us the premier choice in Memphis for dental implants.

implants in Memphis

A Complete Solution For Replacing A Tooth

A dental implant is the most permanent and robust solution for replacing a missing tooth. If you need a new tooth, or multiple teeth you should consider this option. It is the procedure we recommend for patients who want the strongest and healthiest teeth. It involves a complete redesign and implementation of a tooth. You literally implant a new tooth, from the jawbone up. This gives it stability and strength that few dental procedures can provide.

In Office Consultation

The first step when replacing missing teeth is to look at all of your options. If you’re considering dental implants, we will start with a consultation appointment. This is to implantssee if you are a candidate for the procedure. Not all patients have the jaw strength and overall health for implants. This detailed, comprehensive evaluation includes taking x rays to check your bone structure. We will also reviewing your medical history, and assess your current general health. If our dentists decide that you are a good fit for the procedure, we will refer you to one of our surgeons to install the implant. The surgeon will place a titanium implant directly into the jaw bone.

Brand New Smile

We will schedule your next appointment three to four months after the surgery. This time is essential for the mouth and gums to heal. The implant takes root in the jawbone so that the new tooth has a strong foundation to last. During this appointment we will take an impression to get an exact replica of your teeth. We will use this to create a custom post, and crown that will fit your mouth perfectly.

When you come in for your next appointment, about two weeks later, Dr Boucek places a titanium post into the implant. Then, a custom made porcelain crown is placed over the post. A local anesthetic is used to make sure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Nitrous sedation is optional as well.

Dental implants are the most sure way to give yourself a lasting, healthy, strong new tooth. You will have longer lasting and stronger teeth than solutions like dentures and partials. Dr. Boucek, Dr Brawner, and our amazing staff will be sure to customize your experience in a way that will provide you complete satisfaction, and a beautiful, healthy, new smile.