Dental Crowns In Memphis TN

If you have a tooth in poor health, or trauma causes a tooth to chip or crack, dental crowns might be the right solution. Dr. Boucek has been implementing dental crowns for over 30 years in the Memphis area. That means you can be sure your teeth are getting the proper care they deserve, just like so many that came before.

crowns in Memphis

Fixing Diseased, Or Broken Teeth

Crowns become necessary when a filling just isn’t enough to restore a tooth back to health and function. Sometimes a badly diseased tooth, or a tooth that has been chipped or cracked may need a crown. It’s not always clear if crowns are the answer to fix your teeth so we recommend seeking a professional opinion before making a decision.

What To Expect

If we’ve agreed that dental crowns are the best solution for you, we will schedule two crownsappointments. Dr. Boucek or Brawner will prepare the tooth or teeth in question during the first appointment. A local anesthetic will be used to ensure your comfort. We will remove any diseased enamel or tissue if necessary, and then grind the tooth down in preparation for the crown. Next, we will take an impression so we have an exact replica of your teeth for the crown to fit onto. A temporary crown will be placed over the tooth as well. This is made of a plastic acrylic material.

Within two weeks of the first, you will come in for your second appointment. We will remove your temporary crown, then cement the new crown into place. Crowns are made of porcelain to help them last long and provide a strong tooth.

For missing teeth, crowns will not suffice. However, our dental implants services can provide you with a brand new, beautiful smile. To schedule an appointment today, please contact our office!